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Previously, was an online store which appeared at this domain selling replica Chanel jewelry, necklaces and earrings. As a result of a legal action, a Federal Court ordered the store shut down permanently and the ownership and control of the domain name transferred to CHANEL. The Court also ordered the previous owners and operators of the former expeditiously pay over $610,000.00 in damages.

About Replica Chanel Jewelry

Shopping for "discounted" wholesale and retail replica Chanel jewelry is no longer being accommodated at Replicas are counterfeit products manufactured and distributed illegally by criminal organizations around the world. Selling replicas is illegal. Online shopping websites selling replicas are widespread, acting against many laws. Due to the illegalities, a lawsuit was filed and was ordered to stop all replica sales.

Free Shipping

Formerly, free shipping was advertised at the former replica store on orders over $200.00 USD. Free gifts were promised. The more you buy, the bigger the discount. Paypal orders received a 5% discount. Western Union orders received a 10% discount. explained on their website that it would have taken about 7 days directly from the factory for delivery to the United States, shipment status could be tracked with EMS tracking numbers, and shipping costs were charged if the customer was not in a region where EMS was able to deliver.

These activities shunned pre-existing laws. It is illegal to export or import counterfeit items, such as when a replica Chanel ring is purchased online from a replica store. It is also illegal to send or carry any counterfeit goods into the country. This includes any replica jewelry entering borders via international mail, express courier, wholesale shipments, and commercial cargo. All entering parcels identified as counterfeit are stopped at the border and are not delivered.

Online Replica Chanel Products

CHANEL has never backed any of the products and services offered online by Nor has CHANEL condoned online sales of any other replica products.

Details on genuine CHANEL can be found at CHANEL boutiques and