CHANEL Necklace


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Previously, was an online store which appeared at this domain selling replica Chanel jewelry, necklaces and earrings. As a result of a legal action, a Federal Court ordered the store shut down permanently and the ownership and control of the domain name transferred to CHANEL. The Court also ordered the previous owners and operators of the former expeditiously pay over $610,000.00 in damages.

Among the many styles were replica Chanel pearl necklaces, replica Chanel logo necklaces, replica Chanel charm necklaces, and replica Chanel dog tag necklaces.

Prices for a replica Chanel necklace ranged from around $66.20 to about $26.30 USD. The online replica retailer suggested that dreaming about wearing a Chanel necklace would no longer be a dream by purchasing a replica necklace. On the contrary, the dream of a CHANEL necklace would remain a dream unless the necklace is a finely crafted genuine CHANEL.

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